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Annecy Aeroport
Hotel The Originals City
Annecy Aéroport
Parc d’activité des Longeray
74370 Metz-Tessy
Hôtel Restaurant Teyssier
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> Adventure along the water, in a canoe/kayak on Lake Annecy

Adventure along the water, in a canoe/kayak on Lake Annecy

Do you want to experience soft sensations on the water?

It's perfect, we have the secret to make your stay the one you've been dreaming of for months, combining calm, discovery and breathtaking landscapes!

Come and stay at The Originals City Annecy Airport hotel. Just ten kilometers from our establishment, let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the landscapes along the water, on Lake Annecy.

We propose you through this article to sail together in canoe/kayak, for a pure moment of pleasure and relaxation!

Real jewel of the Haute-Savoie, the lake of Annecy is full of treasures that are just waiting to be discovered!

A canoe/kayak trip with a guide will allow you to explore these treasures often located in sites forbidden to "traditional" navigation.

Here is an overview of your enchanting trip:

  • Start your journey towards the Roc of Chère nature reserve, home to an incredible cliff biodiversity, such as rare species of dragonfly.
    This reserve also hides the famous "Cave of the Smugglers".
  •  Continue your navigation towards the palafittic sites, classified by UNESCO.

    But what is a palafittic site?
    They are prehistoric dwellings on the shore of a lake.
  • Sail towards the splendid Castle of Duingt, and the legendary transparency of the water that borders it. 
  • Finish your aquatic walk towards the Bout-du-Lac, an exceptional natural reserve.

For more information, contact the Annecy tourist office:

🌐 :
☎️ : +33(0)4 50 45 00 33
✉️ :

So, ready to come and stay at our hotel for your Annecy getaway?

Trust our team, who will help you organize a stay that will remain engraved in your memory!
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