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Annecy Aeroport
Hotel The Originals City
Annecy Aéroport
Parc d’activité des Longeray
74370 Metz-Tessy
Hôtel Restaurant Teyssier
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Annecy Lake

The entire team at The Originals City Hôtel Annecy Aéroport will provide you with information and advice on outings, visits and events in our region.
Lake Annecy is of course a must-see during your stay.

Annecy, the lake and the mountains!
A multifaceted destination for an unforgettable experience!
Lake Annecy offers magnificent landscapes and a protected landscape.
The autumn light illuminates the vegetation, the shades of yellow and red on the mountains above the clear blue of the lake is a true natural spectacle.
In winter Lake Annecy is peaceful, surrounded this time by snow-covered mountains, nature is calm and sleepy but the site still offers you good moments of fresh air.
Surrounded by mountains, the preserved area of Lake Annecy is a dream setting.
 The lake is located at an altitude of 447 metres. At its highest point, it is overlooked by the Tournette, an armchair-shaped peak that rises to 2351 metres.
 A territory in perfect harmony with nature because the key words in this area, for more than 40 years, have been: "respect and protection".
The protected areas are accessible for discovery and wonder, with the aim of a reasonable harmony between the landscape, the inhabitants and the visitors!
Since the 19th century, tourists from all over the world have been visiting Lake Annecy and its region. They are attracted both by its unique aesthetics and by the quality of the conservation efforts undertaken to preserve the lake and its surroundings from irreversible pollution.
In a few figures, Lake Annecy :
Surface: 27 km² - Length: 14.6 km - Width: 0.8 to 3.2 km
Altitude: 447 m - Average depth: 41 m - Maximum depth: 80 m
Volume of water: 1 124 500 000 m³
Lake Annecy offers a multitude of activities around and on the lake:
On the lake: beaches, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, pedal boats, cruises, 
Around the lake: walking or cycling thanks to a 35 km long cycle track, which allows you to do sports and family activities in complete safety along Lake Annecy.
Lake Annecy also has two nature reserves:
The Roc de Chère reserve, which is located on the eastern shore between the villages of Menthon-Saint-Bernard and Talloires-Montmin (68 hectares of protected fauna and flora) 
The Bout-du-Lac reserve which is located at the southern end of the lake, in the commune of Doussard. (80 hectares to be explored via an educational trail accessible to all).

Information for bike path Annecy : Click HERE

And all activities and useful information on Lake Annecy Tourism : Click HERE

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