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Annecy Aeroport
Hotel The Originals City
Annecy Aéroport
Parc d’activité des Longeray
74370 Metz-Tessy
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Visite of Palais de l'Île in Annecy

Take advantage of your stay in Annecy to visit one of the city's must-see attractions!

The team of the Hotel City Annecy Aéroport proposes you today to discover the Palais de l'Île d'Annecy, a building classified as a historical monument in 1900.

This galley-shaped house was used as a prison at the time, but was also a courthouse and an administrative center. This monument is an original building, with its oldest parts dating from the 12th century.

During your stay at The Originals City Hotel Annecy Airport, we invite you to discover the Palais de l'Île in Annecy. You will reach it in less than 15 minutes by car from our hotel.

Discovering Annecy's old prisons

Annecy's most photographed monument, the Palais de l'Île, which dates from the 12th century, stands on an island in the Thiou canal. To take your most beautiful photos of the Palais de l'Île, we advise you to go to the bridge over the Thiou river located in the heart of old Annecy. From there, the best viewpoints are open to you! The palace appears like a fortress with its solid quadrangular construction resembling the bow of a ship.

Listed as a historical monument since 1900

The Palais de l'Île was first used as a prison, but in the middle of the 14th century the palace was used as a mint. In the 15th century the palace became the residence of the Dukes of Savoy and in the 16th century it was converted into a court of law.

The Palais de l'Île today

Open to the public all year round, the Palais de l'Île now houses a small museum with exhibitions on regional architecture. You can also see some of the former prison cells.

Organize your stay in Annecy

Located only 6km from the Palais de l'Île d'Annecy, our Hotel City Annecy Aéroport offers you comfortable hotel rooms to rest between two visits. 

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