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Annecy Aeroport
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Annecy Aéroport
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The best culinary specialties of Annecy

Take advantage of your stay in Annecy to discover the typical dishes of Haute-Savoie

You have decided to stay in Annecy and you want to discover the tasty specialties of the region that make its reputation in France?

Our team invites you today to discover our TOP 5 typical dishes and local culinary specialties to taste in Haute-Savoie! Dishes that are an integral part of the region's identity!

The Tartiflette

It is impossible to present the culinary specialties of Savoie without presenting the Tartiflette! This potato gratin, prepared with onions and bacon, is also made with melted cheese. A whole reblochon cheese is melted on the whole dish.


Very popular dish, the raclette of Haute-Savoie is a must to taste during your stay in Annecy!

It is a very convivial dish which consists in sharing with several people, and in melting very regularly small quantities of raclette cheese, to be then poured on potatoes and cold cuts.

Raclette is considered to be one of the most appreciated dishes by the inhabitants but also by the visitors of the region!

The Savoyard Fondue

One of the typical dishes of Haute-Savoie is the Savoyard fondue! Prepared only with local cheeses like Comté, Beaufort, Abondance or Gruyère de Savoie.

Like the raclette, it is a very convivial dish to share with several people!


For all pasta lovers, don't miss the small flat and square pasta, specialties of the region: Crozets!

These small square-shaped pastas are traditionally made with buckwheat flour, but can also be made with wheat flour. You can eat them plain, with walnuts or even flavored with ceps!

Ideally, we like to taste them in the form of soup, croziflette, but also in a gratin, like with diots which are local pork sausages. Cooked in white wine, crozets are prepared with Beaufort cheese.

Wines and liquors of Savoie

Region rich in vineyards, you can taste different wines as an aperitif like Chignin-Bergeron and Apremont.

Do not hesitate to accompany your typical dishes of the region, such as raclette, with a dry white wine of Savoy protected by an AOC.

Savoie also offers red wine, such as Gamay, Mondeuse, but also Pinot, ideal wines to accompany a tasting of charcuterie.
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