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Annecy Aeroport
Hotel The Originals City
Annecy Aéroport
Parc d’activité des Longeray
74370 Metz-Tessy
Hôtel Restaurant Teyssier
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Top 3 of our favorite escape games in Annecy

Discover the most enigmatic and surprising Escape Games in Annecy!

You want to organize an activity to do with others during your stay or weekend? Our team invites you to discover its Top 3 Escape Games in Annecy!

Discover life-size games in the Haute-Savoie department. The goal of the game is to solve a riddle in a given time while showing team spirit, logic and observation.

The Enigma Workshop in Annecy

For a unique escape game with realistic settings immersing you in a total immersion, we advise you L'Atelier des Énigmes! This escape game offers surprising and poetic stories but also secret missions.
A colorful experience filled with emotions to share intense moments with your loved ones!

Celestia, the forgotten city

It's at L'Atelier des énigmes that you can play the famous Escape Game Célestia, which won 2 awards. By choosing the escape game Celestia, you will go to the meeting of a magic universe within a colored steampunk atmosphere. This escape game, based on the famous board game, has magnificent and magical settings, enough to make you dream for the duration of an adventure...

During your stopover, the long-awaited marvelous city is in reality a quiet and extinguished place. The mission is to rekindle the sleeping city of Celestia's skies. In a totally immersive and magical setting, use your observation and logic...

Enjoy the Escape Game L'Atelier des Énigmes as soon as possible, located only 12 minutes by car from our hotel The Originals Annecy Airport!

Mystères du Lac in Annecy

The Mystères du Lac offers you to realize in family or between friends Escape Games but also City Games to make you discover the city!

Opt for an original Escape Game that will plunge you into an enigmatic atmosphere, where collaboration, deduction and observation are part of the game. A unique experience for incredible memories!

The City Games are ideal during your stay to discover the secrets of the city of Annecy, you are invited to recover clues to solve ancient mysteries throughout the city. The City Games also offer you the opportunity to carry out missions to prepare your children for the start of the school year at the Annecy School of Magic.

An ideal structure for all the fans of games of tracks to realize in family, to the amateurs of police investigations or to the lovers of treasure hunts...

The escape game Mystères du Lac is located only 10 minutes by car from our hotel The Originals Annecy Airport!

The Grande Evasion Escape Game

Exercise your brains with the escape game La Grande Évasion! On the program, 3 different missions to satisfy a maximum of players in search of mysterious, surprising or paranormal escape games.

Hannibal's lair

Will you manage to keep your cool in a chaotic setting and an anxiety-inducing atmosphere? Discover an escape game on the theme of horror, creatively invented to offer you a high quality adventure. Enter a room with an oppressive, dark and high tension atmosphere and collect the clues to escape alive!

Located only 10 minutes by car from our hotel The Originals Annecy Airport, the Escape Game La Grande Evasion is waiting for you to experience an unforgettable activity with family or friends. 

Convinced by the Escape Games of Annecy? Our hotel The Originals Annecy Airport offers rooms to organize your stay in peace. Check now our availability and take advantage of our best live rate. 
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